Mobile Solutions

Today’s global workforce is mobile… Enterprise Mobility is here and today’s dynamic marketplace requires support for a workforce on the move—on multiple devices, in multiple locations, accessing the resources they need. For IT, the challenge is to offer secure and reliable access to those resources—anytime, anywhere, on any device—regardless of whether the device is owned by the company or the employee.

Instead of choosing just one or two applications, many companies are now considering holistic mobility strategies, complete with mobile device management, mobile app platforms, bring-your-own-device solutions, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and mobile security.

Over the past several years, mobile applications have taken hold in business, evolving into critical assets for driving employee productivity, reducing operational costs, interfacing with customers and creating new opportunities.

WESTIND Mobile App Development Solutions provide a range of custom development options specific to a key business function or industry vertical to ensure the right app is developed to integrate most successfully into your business and deliver value. Typical workflow covers —

business case and budget
mobile app policy and governance
architecture design